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WP Affiliate AdHoc Mailer

Welcome everyone to our Affiliate Mailer Plug-in for the Wordpress Affiliate Platform by Tips and Tricks HQ

This quick plug-in allows you to send mail to all of your affiliates at one time and has the ability to use the short codes in the Wordpress Affiliate Platform settings area. We wrote the plug-in so that you can communicate with your affiliates and best of all send them marketing materials and newsletter marketing materials with their links already included.

You can Download the Plug-in here: Affiliate Ad-Hoc Mailer.

Installation is simple.

  1. Upload Plug-in
  2. Activate
  3. Mailer will be under the tools section in wordpress.
  4. Type your email and then hit send.

Release Notes
1.0 First release of plug-in. Does not have validation to make sure you typed in the correct information. So, be sure to check everything before you send.

1.1 Will add validation to the input fields.

* The Affiliate Mailer Plug-in requires the Wordpress Affiliate Platform by Tips and Tricks HQ to work.

The Affiliate Mailer Plug-in was designed and developed by Rapid Success Partners and Veluzar Studios.

If you would like a feature added shoot us an email.

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